Timeline for Alexandrias Foster care case

I found this timeline posted in the comments section of an article so I looked into it and this seems to match up with the court dockets

4/25/2011 – L is taken into state custody due to mothers substance abuse history.
5/2011 – L is moved from first foster home due to report of abuse
8/30/2011 – Court found ICWA applies to this case (pg. 9)
10/2011 – R’s expressed interest in adopting L (pg7)
12/22/2011 – Adjudication and Disposition hearings. RU services for father granted visits 3x a week denied RU services for mother
12/2011 – L was moved to Ps home as respite care (was with second foster home for 7 months)
1/2012 – Tribe agreed to initial foster placement with the P’s because it was close to father at a time when he was working on reunification. If reunification services were terminated, the tribe recommended placement with the R’s in Utah (pg5)
3/22/2012 – father granted unsupervised visits
6/21/2012 – unmonitored visits department has probability reunification would happen
7/2012 – dad separated from wife and emotional state deteriorated (pg6)
10/2012 – Reunification services terminated (18 months in care)
10/2012 – R’s travel to CA to visit. P’s refer to them as family from Utah. Lexi asks if she was going to Utah? P’s respond they don’t know but it was possible.
11/26/2012- Court issued request for expedited placement under ICPC
1/17/2013 – L’s GAL requested “Do Not Remove” order to prevent child from being moved out of state without court order
4/2013 – department arranged a conference call to discuss transition plan. Both parties agreed on a short transition
4/2013-6/2013 – ICPC approved and de facto parent status granted by court
6/2013 – R.P and S.P testify L was upset after a visit and didn’t want to go anymore. R.P acknowledged that the change in L’s feelings coincided with the birth of a new baby in the P family and a new therapist. (pg7)
7/29/2013- The Court commenced a hearing that spanned five days over the course of three month to determine whether good cause existed to permit A.P to remain with the P’s, rathering than placing her with the R’s in Utah in accordance with the ICWA’s adoptive placement preferences. (pg. 10)
12/9/2013 – Courts stated P’s didn’t demonstrate good cause and that L would transition to R’s home. R’s are extended family under section 1915(a) and welfare and institutions code section 361.3(h)
12/2013 – Court granted stay pending appeal
1/2014 – P’s sub out attorney John Dodd for Pamela Palmer
1/2014 – P’s file for Lori McGill to appeal pro hac vice
3/18/2014 – De facto parent file motion for order enforcing supersedeas writ DENIED
10/2014 – Supreme Court denied review
11/3/2015 – Stay request denied temp stay approved
11/25/2015 – Court issued a writ of mandate setting aside motion of placement R.P and S.P given 15 days to show cause why appeal shouldn’t be dismissed
2/24/2016 – COURT ORDERED L TO BE MOVED TO R’S IN UTAH (*taken from the Page timeline)
3/10/2016 – RP and SP immediate stay requested
3/18/2016 – Court denies writ of supersedeas
3/21/2016 – L was moved to R’s


Foster case makes headlines

i wasn’t planning on writing anything about this but it seems to have been taking over social media and not for the right reasons. There is a dependency case out of California about a little girl that was “ripped” from the only family she has ever known or at least that’s what all the headlines say. I’m going to dig into this case a little more and try to give more information to help some understand what is going on